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Hope Ollivant


    Hope Ollivant is a stylist, art jeweler, and ceramic artist working in Richmond, Virginia. She currently attends Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts and is pursuing a BFA in Craft and Materials Studies. 

    Hope is also the Editor in Chief at INK Magazine at VCU, the school's art, culture, and fashion magazine. She has had work in London Fashion Week and has products for sale on Ap0cene, a platform for emerging artists and designers.

    "I critique our parasocial relationships with celebrities, icons, and characters ignorant of our existence. Taking these relationships to a new level, my work intensifies the illusion of this behavior by crafting a fake physical presence through the imagery and pieces I make. The exaggerated delusions, explore the inescapable influence of media and pop culture on our perceptions of human connection, emotions, and culture.


    My aesthetics embrace superficiality and use it as a tool for communication.  My practice is guided by contemporary art and fashion. The pieces adorn homes, museums, bodies, and even vehicles. As one of seven, I have spent my life trying to understand the actions and emotions of those around me, tangled in a web of personalities. Influenced by complex relationships and family dynamics, my art inspires me to explore intricate connections and maintain optimism. 


    To be intimate with one of my pieces is a luxury. The work participates in theatrical performances that nod to culture, identity, and history. The work holds a certain seriousness, however, its extravagant nature and perceived lack of depth often lead to its dismissal. It is within its extravagance that the true depth of the work unfolds, inviting viewers to reconsider preconceived notions of value."

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