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Hope Ollivant

    Hope Ollivant is stylist, art jeweler, and ceramic artist working in Richmond, Virginia. She currently attends Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts and is pursuing a BFA in Craft and Materials Studies.

    Hope is also the Editor in Chief at INK Magazine at VCU, the school's art, culture, and fashion magazine.

    "Driven by discovery, desire, and design, materials challenge me to create pleasurable objects and deepen my understanding of contemporary craft. My contemporary fashion and design research guides my practice as an art jeweler, stylist, and ceramic artist. Impelled by concept, my works communicate a message of self-expression, introspection, and observation. 

    Fueled by curiosity, I am on a mission to understand myself and the world through making. I believe collaboration, mentorship, and exposure to the new create discussions that move my practice forward. Absorbing surroundings and releasing art into the world that reflects my inner dialogue leads me to discovery and innovation. 

     The imaginative functional items command attention with their personality and non-traditional forms. Often, I incorporate my authentic words, iconography, and pop culture into pieces to start conversations and capture my audience."

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